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Mocan & Green Grout

mocan and green grout1

Winter is officially here, and I’ve been busy finding hideouts for that good cuppa and some much needed, well decorated ambiance to inspire. At this point in my life, it’s Mocan & Green Grout.

mocan and green grout2mocan and green grout6

This establishment is a really small space that’s just the right amount of crowd and comfort, so there’s normally a queue for a table even at 9am. Thankfully, the good peeps at Mocan & Green Grout have got your winter mornings covered; grab yourself a thick blanket from the crate by the takeout window, and wait in a huddled happy of a colourfully woven mess.

mocan and green grout3mocan and green grout4

Its interior is a mishmash of knick knacks that have found odd spots to just be, and walls made out of recycled planks that give the space a rustic charm. The menu is a pretty simple layout of the general favourites: poached eggs, bacon egg roll, herb salad with cured salmon, among a few others.

mocan and green grout5mocan and green grout7mocan and green grout8mocan and green grout9

On a not-so-random note, and as an abrupt end to this local eatery post, my 5yo insisted on snapping this picture of me in a shower of warm rays, just enjoying my coffee, and I love how she just saw me in that moment and wanted to capture it for me ❤

 Mocan & Green Grout
1/19 Marcus Clarke Street,
Opening hours: 7am-9pm


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