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Cream cheese and chives wontons

cream cheese and chives wonton3

We had some mini guests over for a few hours of playtime, and because I’m Asian, I always feel the need to feed anyone who enters my front door, including the Ikea deliveryman. As usual, the kids wanted to get involved, so I dug out some cream cheese and wonton wrappers, and let them get their hands dirty.

To make these cream cheese wontons, prepare half a block of cream cheese at room temperature, a handful of chopped chives, egg-based wonton wrappers, and salt and pepper. This amount of ingredients will make you 20-30 wontons, depending on how generous you are with your filling. Simply mix the cream cheese and chives together, and throw in a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Use a teaspoon to spoon the filling into the middle of the wonton wrappers, and fold the square upwards into a triangle, making sure you dab a little water to the sides before folding to secure it in place. Then just fold the corners inwards like a fan, pressing each fold down to hold. You can also fold it into a parcel like the classic dumpling shape, but I personally prefer this design because the kids get more excited over the visual crunch:filling ratio.

Once done, just deep fry them or pop them into an oven at 180 degrees celsius for around 20minutes or until golden brown.

cream cheese and chives wonton2cream cheese and chives wonton5

We like to have these super addictive wontons with some raspberry or strawberry jam, but they’re good on their own as well. Either way, get ready to have your mini guests begging for more!




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