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When we scream for ice cream

It was my youngest bub’s birthday party last weekend, and because she’s pretty much a “hand-me-down” baby with no real toys to call her own, I really wanted to throw her a big bash. But of course, being a family of 5, budget is always on my mind. So any big ideas I had, had to be conquered on my own (yes, the husband opted out way before I brought out my Pinterest board). And if you know me well enough, I’m egoistic enough to always believe I can do whatever I set my mind to.

emily bday10emily bday920160510_200051emily bday11

It took me around two weeks to complete everything, which included a huge cardboard ice cream truck, one cardboard milk and cookies stand with attached seats, two cardboard scooters (which I forgot to snap pictures of and were bravely killed by a hoard of sugar-loaded kids on the day of the event), 20 party hats, and a few other random decorations. I was going to just order pizzas and a cake on the day itself, but due to a terrible occurrence that left our family down by a lot of money, I decided to save cost and cook everything on my own. In total, the whole party plus props and decor cost me below AUD150, and included enough food and drinks to feed 40 guests. I guess it helps to hoard used cardboard boxes and discounted craft items ;p

emily bday8IMG_9060IMG_9061emily bday7emily bday6IMG_9057

Everything was made to be placed outdoors on our back deck, but the weather wasn’t on our side. So I had to find a way to fit all those people and props into our small home, and I actually like how intimate it turned out, albeit a little cramped.

Now for the details. I made a basic butter cake using this recipe, and a basic buttercream for layering using this one (note: I replaced the shortening with butter, and omitted one cup of sugar from the total required). The melting ice cream cone on top was made with cake crumbs and frosting that I rolled into a cake pop, and dipped into Coles Pink Chocolate Melts. Then I just covered the entire top with the same chocolate melt. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever made a birthday cake, so though it could do with a lot more finesse, I’m pretty proud of it.

As for the melting ice cream party hats, you can find the adorable tutorial over at Oh Happy Day. I merely simplified mine to suit my materials, and they turned out great. I also served cupcakes in ice cream cones that the kids could decorate with frosting and toppings, as well as my sausage rolls, which I admit I made in such a haste on that day that I miscalculated the flour measurements.

Each kid got to bring home an ice cream popper, and an ice cream shaped lolly as door gifts. The poppers would’ve cost me at least AUD3 for one, but because I can get pretty resourceful when I’m determined to stick to my plans, I managed to find a site that sold them for 50 cents each, and no, I’m not sharing my secret find haha! As for the lollies, they were on sale at Target for 50 cents.

emilybday1emily bday4

To my beautiful, cheeky little girl… you are the light of my life, and the smile that keeps me going strong. I love you, I love you, I love you just the way you look tonight, and all the nights since that first night.


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