Kidth Crafts

Changing of the seasons


It’s Anzac Day, and even though we’re too new to Australia to fully comprehend the significance of the day, we feel very blessed that we’ve been welcomed down under with open arms, and we celebrate whenever the locals do. So today, we made some poppies (truth be told, I didn’t know they were poppies until my 5year old educated me) out of egg cartons to suit the occasion, and packed a picnic for a sausage sizzle by the park with fellow migrants who’ve made Canberra a home.


We made use of what we had lying around – the basic egg carton, red paint, a brush, a pair of scissors, a Sharpie (because we couldn’t find our black paint), and some straws. All we did was cut the cups up as individuals, and paint the insides of them with red paint. Once dry, we coloured the middle sections of each cup with the Sharpie, and poked a hole in each to stick the straws into them.


Poppies made of recycled materials, in remembrance of our past journeys, our personal wars, our children’s futures, and of the hopeΒ that continues for the better of the world in the hands of our youths.Β Happy Anzac Day, and let’s get our heaters on, because winter is coming!!!


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