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The smooth criminal


My kids adore French toast. However, as an adult that grew up having French toast as often as I did basic toast (yay, creative writing), I’m sick of it. So I tend to plan separate breakfast options just for myself. That is, in my mind. In reality, I barely have time to shower, let alone eat in the morning.

So, French toast it always is for me.

But one fine morning, when I had company over (hello, company named Felicity!), we managed to grab an early start at a neighbourhood cafe. As usual, I ordered French toast for the kiddos, and some eggs for myself. Upon arrival of the French toast, I noticed a dollop of ice-cream looking thing spooned onto the top of the stack. I took a lick of it, because hey I’m the mom and I thought it was ice-cream and I wanted first dibs. Instead, it was some awesomely smooth, peanut buttery concoction that both Felicity and I couldn’t stop stealing from the plate.

I had to come home and replicate that yummy pile of a mess. And no, this isn’t a recipe for French toast, although I must say that a good French toast lies in the choice of bread. This is a recipe for whatever that mess is called. There’s most definitely a professional name for it, but I’m not a chef so don’t judge me; feel free to enlighten me!


2 tbsp peanut butter


1/2 cup thickened cream

cinnamon (optional)


Okay, I’ve tried this recipe with both organic peanut butter that is devoid of sugar, and your basic jar of Skippy’s. The organic one was just like having cream on its own, it was neither here nor there. I even tried adding sugar and more honey to the mix after tasting it, but nothing seemed to save it. So yes, I would strongly suggest some not-so-healthy peanut butter.


In a bowl, mix all the above ingredients together, cinnamon optional. Whip mixture until nice and fluffy. And that’s it! Now all you have to do is top your French toast stack with a spoonful of peanut buttery goodness. As an addition, you can also sprinkle some chopped nuts for texture and presentation.


If you’d like a thicker consistency to your whipped wonder, just add more peanut butter or lessen your cream. But I find these measurements to be the perfect bite of sweet delight! You can keep this refrigerated for 2 days, and it tastes pretty yummy as a cupcake topping as well ^_^


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