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Hanging by the cover


Hello! Before we begin, let me insert a much-needed disclaimer: this is a mediocre blog documenting the daily journey of a mediocre mom, so if you’re hoping to embark on some life-changing DIY adventure filled with complicated Pinterest projects that I swear nobody ever really gets right without the help of Photoshop and grandparents handling the enthusiastic kids that are bound to want to screw up that picture perfect, Instagram-worthy craft that you just slaved 2 hours over, you’re in the wrong place. I WILL screw things up, and I WILL be lazy with my projects, and they WILL be easy as shit. So yes, pardon the mess – mom is playing.

Let’s start things off with a project that only takes 5 minutes (because that’s about the amount of time I have before the baby starts demanding a boob): a hanging magazine rack.


All you need is durable string or even wire. Follow my crappy steps above to accomplish the success of Pinterest in a fail-proof, mom-juggling-kids-and-life manner. Note: there are no measurements because the length of your rack depends on your personal preference. Just estimate against your wall, and double that length.


Tadah!!! Fail-proof, right? RIGHT??? See, I wouldn’t lie to you. The best part about this uber easy, uber cheapo project is that you can customize it to your ability.


For instance, you can opt for a tiered rack design instead. The length in which I made my first rack could only go as far as two tiers, but yours could go all the way down to create a ladder-like effect.

Ok that is all, I’m gonna feed the baby and go grab more magazines to hang on my wall. First world migrant problems, tsk.




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